Inside Our Salmon Sushi Burrito

Chef's O-Maki Sushi Burrito

Chef's O-Maki Sushi Burrito

A sustainably-sourced sushi burrito? Who thought it was possible?

Not all sushi burritos are created equal—here at Uma, we only use the freshest ingredients and responsibly-sourced fish. You've probably heard about are awesome Uma-Ritto that customers love so much, filled with tuna, salmon, and a special tobanjan mayo mix. 

But have you tried our O-Maki sushi burrito yet?

It's delicious—a perfect blend of fresh crab, sustainable salmon, apple, seasonal pickle, cucumber, wasabi-ginger and tempura crunch. The salmon that we use is from an organic, closed containment Scottish farm. They also only use non-GMO feed and minimal chemicals. Read more about it here.

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