In Other News 6.9

We've kicked off our booth at Penn Plates from now until September 1st, and in addition to serving up delicious hand-rolled sushi and chirashi sushi rice bowls, we're bringing the party. We've got pickle back shots, coconut cocktails and all the sake you can drink. Cut out of work early & grab a beverage with your bites!

On June 22nd, as part of our ongoing commitment to responsibly sourced food, we are participating in Sustainable Seafood Week. To celebrate, we'll have a featured roll in the shop with Albacore Tuna from our provider Sea To Table. The Pacific Tuna is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and comes from Bellingham, Washington. The roll will feature the tuna with wasabi-pea pesto, carrots, and sesame crunch. Check them out to support the mission and stop by for a roll to support us!

It's our last week at the UrbanSpace Garment District food festival. If you find yourself in the hood, drop by and say hello & goodbye at the same time -- our last day is June 14th.

EatUp New York decided to stop by after checking out our instagram feed. You can do the same!

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