What is temaki?

Here in the states, we are used to seeing sushi as nigiri or hand rolls that you pick up with chopsticks. Sushi is a simple food and consists of the same basic ingredients—vinegared rice, raw fish, and fresh vegetables. Sushi without the rice, or sashimi, is also very popular, and can be found in our chirashi bowl. But onto the real star of the show: temaki.

Is temaki the latest food trend here in New York? Quite possibly, according to Food Republic. But what exactly is this curious-looking snack? It has all the ingredients of your typical sushi roll—but the shape is completely different! 

Temaki, translated as "hand roll," is a cone of edible seaweed (or nori), with raw fish and vegetables spilling out of the wide end of the cylindrical shape. It can be eaten with your hands—so no chopsticks or soy sauce needed! This flavor-packed meal can be found in a wide variety of combinations. Some of our favorites? Our tsumi tuna (wasabi ginger + green apple) and isara salmon (seaweed salad + creamy miso) temaki. See our full menu here

Though staying up to date on the latest food trends is awesome, it's also important to know where exactly your food is coming from—did we mention that all the fish we use at Uma Temakeria is sustainably sourced? That's right, all of our raw ingredients are sourced in accordance to Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program. Check out more info on it here

Still curious about temaki? Come into Uma Temakeria to try a temaki or two! And don't forget to post a photo on Instagram and tag it #temakitakeover for a chance to win lunch on us ;)